Sonar 2094 Digital

Sonar 2094 DigitalSonar 2094 Digital simultaneously acquires side scan data at two frequencies, 114 and 410 kHz. The signals are directly digitised in the towfish and transmitted via a robust digital connection to the transceiver over a single coaxial cable. Data transmission, processing and filtering are fully digital and raw data over-sampling technology results in extended and optimised range and resolution. The ground-breaking acquisition technique provides 24 bit dynamic range, covering the entire range of underwater acoustic signals. This makes application of Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and Time Variant Gain (TVG) during acquisition obsolete removing the operator's subjectivity. Users of the GeoAcoustics Dual Frequency Side Scan have the option to upgrade to the latest digital technology, while being able to use their existing towfish and the fitted dual frequency transducers.
• 114 and 410 kHz simultanous dual frequency operation.
• 24bit dynamic range, data acquisition without analog AGC or TVG.
• 20 MHz raw data sampling with dynamic filtering, extended range performance.
• Wide bandwith robust digital data transmission.
• 1000 m depth rated (2000 m optional)
• Attitude and depth sensor, optional
• 1 sensor interface, RS232, 24 VDC, 5 W for magnetometer, optional.
• Attractive upgrade path from GeoAcoustics Dual Frequency Side Scan.
• Choice of third party data acquisition systems

• Deck unit with in-build GPS module optional 


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Products August 2010

Products February 2010

Teledyne RDI's field-proven Workhorse ADCPs

Teledyne ADCP familyWith nearly 15,000 Doppler products delivered worldwide, Teledyne RDI's Workhorse ADCPs have become the de-facto standard instrument used worldwide by scientists and field engineers to improve their understanding of water current circulation. Only Teledyne RDI's proven ADCP products can provide:
• Our patented Broadband processing for significantly improved data quality, power efficiency, and error detection over competing narrowband systems.
• Our patented 2-dimensional phased array transducer design for significantly reduced size, weight, and deployment complexity.
• Our unique 4-beam configuration designed to ensure data redundancy for quality and reliability.
• A highly flexible design, including a simple upgrade for waves measurement, which ensures that your base instrument is designed to meet both your current needs and future needs.
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Products October 2009

Innomar SES-2000


SES-2000 StandardFrom the wide range of INNOMAR SES-2000 parametric sub-bottom profilers the SES-2000 standard model is the most versatile one. It is small enough to be used for mobile installations on small boats for inshore surveys but also powerful enough to be applicable for offshore surveys down to 500m water depth. A ping rate of up to 50 pings per second, a small footprint and the possibility of transmitting sound pulses over a wide frequency range ensure echoprints with excellent resolution and very good sediment penetration. Electronic beam stabilization will give good results under bad weather conditions, too.

A user-friendly Windows data acquisition and system control software (SESWIN) provides the possibility for network remote operation as well as remote data visualization.

SES-2000 standard systems are able to acquire full-waveform data that can be processed with any seismic software (SEG-Y format). INNOMAR also provides the ISE post-processing software specialized on the SES-2000 data.


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Products September 2009

Autonomous Harbour Inspection


Atlas Maridan SeaWolfHarbour are sensible to disruptions in traffic as cargo relies on a smooth transit from sea to land or vice versa. Securing knowledge the waterways and seabed is difficult due to moving traffic and the general dynamic character of the harbour environment. The SeaWolf AUV is a light weight, small, compact and highly maneuverable system, equipped with sonars and camera. The system has been purposely designed for conducting survey operations and detailed inspections in confined and difficult areas.

One of the key features of the SeaWolf AUV is its adaptability to be used as an ROV, therefore the system can go from a detection and identification role as AUV to classification and visual identification as ROV. With it's state-of-the-art navigation and position system the system with be able to transit autonomously between points of interest while in ROV mode.
The SeaWolf is part of the Atlas Maridan's AUV/UUV family. The systems share technology for efficient development, smart operations and reliable systems technology.


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Iver2 AUV


Ocean Server Iver 2OceanServer provides OEMs with scalable Li-Ion battery system solutions, tilt compensated digital compasses and commercial Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUVs) for a variety of applications. The Iver2 AUV  is an open system platform which provides users a flexible and affordable research tool for near coastal missions.

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Products June 2009

SonarMite v3


Ohmex Sonarmite v3New release of the SonarMite v3 in a redesigned die-cast aluminum case. The SonarMite is the smallest, lightest, truly portable hydrographic echo sounder system available. A complete system which includes echo sounder, transducer, cables, battery charger all weighing just 5kg shipped in its polypropylene transit case. The internal rechargeable NiMh batteries have been updated with an additional 20% capacity providing 12 hours working time from a full charge.


Using the latest battery technology the device complies fully with modern environmental, safe transit and final disposal requirements. The instrument provides multiple communication interfaces including RS232, Bluetooth and USB. The new custom USB interface cable has been designed for the SonarMite to provide a sealed IP67 connector, avoiding non-waterproof USB connector problems in a marine environment. SonarMite can be configured to output over dual interfaces to enable data logging/display at two separate locations simultaneously. SonarMite application software is designed to work with a wide range of external Windows PC, Tablet and PDA equipment, the software has recently been updated and tested working with Windows Vista.


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Echotrac MKIII

MKIIILike to keep your options open?  Enjoy reliability?  Demand real ROI?  Then Teledyne Odom's Echotrac MKIII is the echo sounder for you!  It's the only sounder on the market offering you the choice of either a high-resolution thermal paper recorder or a full sized LCD chart.  When it comes from Odom, you know it's durable, easy to use and backed by the best customer service in the industry.  The new low frequency transceiver (31RD) offers adjustable bandwidth allowing the operator to choose between wide for high fidelity in shallow subbottom applications and narrow for high noise rejection in deep water soundings.  Not convinced yet?  The MKIII also features the most widely supported Ethernet interface in the industry, making real digital echograms (ping to seabed) a possibility.  It's easy to see why the Echotrac MKIII is such a respected echo sounder.

- Frequency agile (both channels)

- Internal data storage and playback with color LCD

- Four serial ports and Ethernet Interface

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